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You know, ‘no power’ can mean lot’s of things depending on where you are. In my home town, it means lights out (they just went) while in Zimbabwe, its an MDC thing to have ‘no power’. But am not a politician…right now. In the Middle-East it can mean both issues at the same time while in Russia it means ‘no money’. In church, it’s a God thing..or the lack thereof. Remember Charles Barkley..well his slams had ‘no power’ when Jordan came along. Jane Fonda believes its a food thing while the Pope has a conspiracy around him and ‘no power’ if John Hagee has his way. I have nothing against either of them, then again being politically correct has its ‘no power’ moments…makes you seem spineless. (Lights just came back..sounds like they stepped out for a smoke! English is weak!)

More desperate people have a deeper sense of no power. They are deep..use words like ‘origin, roots, belong and ancestry’. ‘no power’ is no home, no singularity, no colour, no language, no sense of source. ‘no power’ is like a mercedes with no logo, a black and decker with no stamp, a Gucci with no Gucci, a pencil with no Steadler, a South Africa with no Mandela.

Walking in the shadow of a giant is like ‘no power’ relationships which you might be in right now. Go for a concert..

After a long pause, i think…i digressed. I sent a pal for some powder to kill ants. Couldn’t find it. He left me a note. It read ‘no power’. Two things; he can’t spell..and he was twice right. No powder, no power..ants running wild.

What’s your power..wait..powder..hey..POW!!..dear?

English is a weak language..

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