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interesting half-day..

Define an interesting half-day. Didn’t know what happened most of it. I should clarify. No, nothing ending with the word ‘toxin’ was involved. No powdery or leafy substance was in my possession. Moving at great speeds then suddenly stopping was not an option either and no..i did not see dead people! Though there was this girl..hmm. So I did this thing..talk to a lady. Yeah, that was really it. You musn’t be curious. We discussed the recession, professional inconsistencies and a 30% increase in the necessity of education among the recess-ed! Nope, not one to get jitters when talking to girls..or boys. Just not a fan of staring my future in the face wondering if I am ready for it yet.

Defining an interesting half-day. This is how you know something is important; you think about it..and agree with yourself it is important. This is how you know it scares you half blue, you get insomnia and a vitamin C defeciency. I carried all my papers in a file. All the originals so i was careful not to drop them in  puddle of mud. I was there 24 minutes early. Asking the receptionist whether she had seen her, I caught myself staring at what should have been a name tag on her chest. Sad..it wasn’t there. I got the -what are you looking at- stare. I asked if she knew where she was. “Breakfast, you can sit there and wait if you want.” she knew who I was talking about. She knew why, she smiled and sympathized. Am the obeying kind. I sat.

Defined interesting half day. The Doctor was impressed. Young, focused and well written were the essays. But wrong course young man. Not old and experienced enough. “I will move your application to the other progam. Suits your needs more, is among your peers..and is two years long..a year longer than this one.” “cool”..and that is really the best i could come up with. I’d shoot myself, but I come with no spares. ” The 400 more applicants make it a tad more difficult. People go to school when there is a financial problem. But I will send a recommendation too because I have seen you.” OK! I have her card, and the calm of being normal has returned. Coolest 30 minutes of my life. Walked through the park, picked a bus and got home by 1130hrs.

The rest of the day. Slept. Its back to work tomorrow, but not business as usual. I still might get it.

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